Teenage Girl Beaten to Death for Wearing Jeans: Two Arrested

Updated: Jul 24, 2021

Image Source: Google

A teenage girl has been allegedly beaten to death by her family members after she had insisted on wearing a pair of jeans and top in a village in the district of Devaria in Uttar Pradesh. On Monday, a seventeen-year-old girl in the Savreji Kharg village of Uttar Pradesh had been beaten up badly by her family members, which had eventually led to her death. Her family members have also been accused of attempting to throw the dead body on the Deoria-Kasya from the Patanwa bridge. However, the body got stuck in the railing of the bridge, where the police later spotted it. Post Mortem report has confirmed multiple injuries in the body, including a fracture in the head.

The girl had apparently taken an interest in wearing western clothes during her stay in Ludhiana, where she lived with her father and refused to change this habit when her mother and she returned to their native village. This had led to a growing issue within the family, which reached its height when on Monday, the grandfather and the uncle of the girl had thrashed her; later, they tried to rush her to the hospital, but she had passed away before reaching the hospital.

The maternal uncle of the girl has filed an FIR in the Mauadeeh Police Station against four people, among whom, the grandfather and an auto driver, who had assisted them in the throwing of the body, have been arrested. The uncles of the victim are currently on a run from the police.

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