Thanks to the rain and breezy winds, the pollution level in Delhi has been down

New Delhi: The breezy winds along with light rain brought down the pollution level of Delhi and nearby cities on Monday and fortunately experts believe that the quality of air in the cities will be more likely to increase from now on.

Air Quality improves in Delhi (Source - Business Line)

The Air Quality Index of Delhi Improved from 467 to 300, which falls in the poor category, and the AQI of nearby cities also vastly improved from very poor to poor category. In the past 4 years, Delhi had been severe with air pollution during Diwali due to multiple effects of stubble-burning, fireworks, and other meteorological reasons. The city has seen the poorest AQI from 2016 during and after the day of Diwali and on Saturday night, Delhi recorded an average 414 AQI followed by an average AQI of 435 on Sunday.

Central Pollution Control Board reported that the reason for the increased level of AQI can be attributed to combined effects of subtle-burning, firecrackers, and meteorology but fortunately the rain and breezy winds saved the capital this year. The breezy winds swept away the pollutants by gushing at a speed of 40kms/hr and a light level of rainfall calmed everything down by washing away the pollutants.

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