A girl earned a new name as ‘The daughter with the oxygen cylinder,’ in UP

Picture of the oxygen cylinder

Image Source - The Telegraph

In this covid situation, we have met many people who did a lot to help people. From elder to older, everyone has equally helped each other. The same visualization has again come at our sight. A 26-year-old woman has got a new name, “cylinder waali bitiya” or “the daughter with the oxygen cylinder”. According to the information, her father got affected by the novel covid-19. She did a lot of struggles to provide him with life-saving gas. From that time, he has helped other people who are fighting with the novel coronavirus.

To date, she has disturbed 20 oxygen cylinders to all the needy people at zero cost. Her father, Mashoor’s, health condition began deteriorating, On the first day of Ramazan. While in the home isolation doctor asked Arshi to get an oxygen cylinder immediately. She said, “When I approached the authorities, I was told that patients in home isolation cannot get oxygen cylinders and was advised to get my father admitted to a hospital.” She added, “I somehow got one from the office of the city magistrate.” Arshi told, “I then came in contact with a social organization based in Uttarakhand through WhatsApp which provided oxygen for my father and he recovered.” She added, “Ever since, she has been helping anyone to reach out for oxygen over phone or WhatsApp.” The Shahjahanpur district president of the Samaj wadi Party, Tanveer Khan, said, “Arshi is doing historic work.” A Resident Syed Naved said, “Arshi got him three oxygen cylinders for his father.”

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