The first direct Connection between Kolkata and Dubai established.

As the entire world is reeling in the clutches of a global pandemic, with all the sectors shutting down and the gross domestic product of the country literally having its slope on the negative side of the graph, there is at least a ray of hope in the airline sector that has successfully worked together to make the first career in a city in India a grand success.

A number of esteemed and recognized flight services will operate on different days of the week, namely Fly Dubai on Mondays and Thursdays, Emirates on Wednesdays and Fridays, and Indigo on Fridays as of now. Other flight services that are yet to cater to the customers and are yet to start their operations are Spicejet, Vistara, and Etihad Airways.

On this note, Kolkata Airport Director, Kaushik Bhattacharjee has remarked on the operation of direct flights from Dubai to Kolkata and vice versa under the air bubble pact. The number of airlines scheduled to operate will reduce the pressure of the passengers on board.

The creation of such a step will help in the upliftment of the Indian economy after the long period of lockdown. Such a procedure instills hope in the hearts of the inhabitants that the economic situation would slightly be improved with an increment in the per capita income and in turn the economy of the nation as a whole. On the whole, such a great step will ultimately culminate in the blossoming of the country, helping her reach sky heights of success, and in turn would probably be stopped to be tagged as a third world country, engulfed by poverty and hunger.

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