'The Golden Girl'-Saima Ubaid, becomes J and K's First Woman powerlifter

(Source: Twitter)

The peoples who say Sports are not for Girls, Saima Ubaid, the 1st ever powerlifter from Jammu and Kashmir indeed a living example for them.

Saima Ubaid, a 24 years old mother from Jammu and Kashmir has made history by winning the gold medal in powerlifting in the 4th Kashmir Powerlifting, Benchpress and Deadlift Championship. Jammu and Kashmir Powerlifting Association has arranged the event of powerlifting exclusively for woman for the 1st time.

Ubaid won the gold in the 255kg event.

In an interview, Saima has confirmed that the inspiration and courage to choose this very different career choice came from her powerlifter husband Ubaiz Hafiz.

(Source: Twitter)

She said: "I suffered from excessive weight gain when I joined the gym. My husband helped me lose excess weight. He trained me and lead the path to the career as a weight-lifter."

Her husband realised her innate strength and lead her to the destination, overjoyed and proud of his wife's achievement he said: "I saw she has a natural strength required for a Weightlifter".

Being the 1st woman powerlifter She said: "Even after marriage and a kid, I continued the sport as I wanted to show women that they can achieve whatever they dream for. No societal l pressure will stop you from achieving your dreams if you are dedicated,"

She got her bachelor degree in Home Science from the University of Srinagar. She now works as a female trainer and prepares herself for upcoming challenges.

She with her indomitable spirit, resilience, and strength has proved Social expectations of a woman's existence can never dictate who she chose to become.

Her story indeed will be an inspiration for millions of women and girls who are struggling to make a fine balance between their personal and professional lives.

After wide circulation of the news, cybernauts have congratulated her with a warm heart, some of them also lionized her husband for unconditional support and inspiration from his end.

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