The new parliament is not needed at this moment, said Supriya Sule

The Nationalist Congress Party's MP Supriya Sule has taunted the decision of making a new parliament building. She deprecated the cancellation of the MPLAD (Member of Parliament Local Area Development) fund. According to her, continuing this in this COVID phase is not at all necessary for the nation.

Supriya Sule has criticized the center's decisions. Source: SheThePeople

The MPLAD may help the nation to develop, but the new parliament will not do so. She stated that the central government will spend 800to 1000 crore on Central Vista Project. She referred to a rally held in Ambernath, Thane; while stating this information.

"We did not ask for it. It is not a necessity now in this pandemic period. "If they had constructed a hospital and cut our funds for five years (for such purpose), I would have gladly given it," said Ms Sule.

The Union Cabinet, last year approved temporary suspension of the MPLAD fund scheme during 2020-21 and 2021- 22. According to the government, funds cancelled for managing health services and the adverse impact of the COVID-19. The MP from Baramati, Maharashtra has criticized the government's decisions on Monday.

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