The new record and new recovery, of the recent cases of COVID-19.

The Indian Express - reference source


There is an intense succession in the report of the decrease cases of covid-19. Each day they are decreasing at the same pace as they had increased earlier in the past few months. People who lost their lives and property due to it were cursing God and themselves in the turmoil.

What is today’s report?

The healing rate in 94.29% also all the covid-19 cases testing in on its peak positioning with so far 368207596 this day.

After 63 consecutive days, the cases are under 1 lakh, with 4.62% positivity from the last 26th, straight day.

Here are few vaccines updates -

The Supreme Court in the previous week told the vaccination policy was ridiculous and irregular as there were shortages in it. 23.61 crore vaccines have been provided till now. However, a million vaccines got exported to foreign from India.

Image source - the Indian Express

Mr. Narendra Modi statement for the vaccination drive during addressing the nation -

I will withdraw the control from the state and provide the vaccines free to 18+ citizens in India from June 21.

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