The polluted air of "Garden City of India"caused 12,00 death in 2020,Third worst Polluted City

(Representative picture of Bengaluru)

Bengaluru the silicon valley of India is known for its placid natural beauty, ancient trees, an abundance of beautiful parks and green patches. But the recent study of Greenpeace Southeast Asia Analysis has shaken the Environmentalists as well as common people.

According to the analysis, Bengaluru emerges as the 3rd worst air polluted city in India. The tainted air of the Garden City already took 12,000 deaths only in 2020.

Whereas, Delhi holds 1st position following by Mumbai.

Around 54,000 deaths have been caused by very poor air condition in Delhi and Mumbai's polluted air caused around 25,000 deaths.

According to the report, Globally,160,000 deaths are caused due to PM 2.5air pollution and Delhi ranked First among the Southeast Asiatic countries, over a full year. Mexico stands 2nd, Sao Paulo 3rd, Shanghai 4th and Tokyo 5th.

These numbers were reached using live air quality data collected by IQAir, an air quality monitoring technology provider.

“Despite recording relatively better air quality this year due to strict lockdown, air pollution continues to be a serious public health issue which also drastically impacts our economy. For the governments of the day, investments must be made towards green and sustainable solutions. When we choose fossil fuel over clean energy, our health is put at stake. Polluted air increases the likelihood of deaths due to cancer and stroke, a spike in asthma attacks and worsens the severity of COVID-19 symptoms,” said Avinash Chanchal, Climate Campaigner, Greenpeace India.

"We need to ensure our growing demand is fuelled by sustainable and cleaner sources of energy and cities should promote low cost, active and carbon-neutral transport options that prioritise walking, cycling, and public transport, the increased use of clean energy and clean transport will not only improve the public health but it will also strengthen the economy and public money" added Chanchal.

It's worthy of pointing out that this research was conducted amid strict lockdown and despite that air pollution remains one of the worst health hazards.

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