The recovery rate stands at 91.81% in Bengal

Kolkata: At present, Bengal hosted 4,34,563 covid positive patients of which 3.98.952 patients recovered successfully which makes the recovery stand of Bengal at 91.81%. In just the past 24 hours around 4376 patients have been recovered and have been released from health units and hospitals.

Covid Postive cases in Bengal (Source - Millenium Post)

Bengal also witnessed low cases of covid-19 in the past 24hrs as on Monday it reported 3012 positive cases in comparison to Sunday's cases of 3053. This helped the recovery rate to reach 91.81% on Monday in comparison to Sunday's recovery rate of 91.43%. West Bengal has tested 52,56,924 covid cases and in just mere 24hrs 38127 samples have been tested. Moreover, the number of positive cases stood at 8.27% with 53 deaths.

The state recorded 7714 total deaths and Kolkata witnessed 724 covid cases in the last 24hrs. 14 people have died and the number of infected patients reached 94752 in Kolkata.

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