• Srijani Purkait

The situation gets normalized: 60% flights back to operation in Kolkata.

As the situation starts to get normalized, people are returning to their professional spaces out of the box. In this strain, more than 60 percent of the total number of flights are scheduled to hit the airport in Kolkata. While the major busy airports like Singapore, Bangkok, and Kuala Lumpur are thinking to start operations, Kolkata has already scheduled to resume operations lately.

In addition, Air traffic controllers are getting back to their busy cubicles to ever-busy transmission signals, communication signals being sent every now and then between the pilots and the controllers. What had totally hit a silent zone in the month of April and May, is returning to the situation to the busy buzzing of a bee. The recovery of the traffic control would have been more buzzing if the ban would have been lifted in other major metro cities as well.

The head of the air traffic control board has remarked in an interview, if this situation continues with a controlled situation of the covid 19 cases, the airport services would hit 71% by January 2021. This would include a total number of 10 thousand flights operating daily, if the ban on flights is lifted from the major metro cities like Delhi, Mumbai, Nagpur, Ahmedabad, and Pune.

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