The ugliest language in India?- Kannada by Google.Another miscellaneous outraged Kanadians.

Image source - Google itself

Introduction -


The language is known for its historical prestige for 2000 years. It is also a means of communication for 40 million people in South India.

The main matter viral on media is:-

Google -" Which is the ugliest language in India?"

Answer - Kannad

It was like a dragger into the Kanadian's heart. They protested against it.

Mr. Arvind Limbawali - chief minister of the forest, Kannada culture in Karnataka) action towards it.

"This is a disgusting thing. If anyone will raise an inappropriate voice against the Kannada language, then it is intolerable. Severe action will be filed against them."

He also ordered the Secretary of the department to have a look at the issue and issue a notice to the Google


Google effort-

This most vividly used search engine. It asked forgiveness for its mistake and also told the entire process, which was not intended to hurt anyone's sentiments.

The article published on this website had either " the ugliest language in India".

It is a website that enhances SEO to get the nation of readers for the ad's sake. This article is no longer available on the website.

Google also told us aren't perfect but trying to be. We are continuing our efforts to improve the algorithms.

Sundar Pichai - CEO of Google

In December 2018, there was another incident that showed Donald Trump's image because of "idiot".

He clarified to U.S. Congressional Representative Zoe Lofgren that we have no control over the results on the website. They are based on SEO; and algorithms.

Question - what results from Google on the question of which is the ugliest language in India?

Answer - It shows some news articles based on the keywords now.