Tianjin Asks Municipality Controlled Companies To Move Data To State Backed Cloud System

Image Source: Reuters

Tianjin, a city with a population of around 14 million in China and with a provincial-level status, has asked all municipality controlled companies to move their data from operators of the private sector - like Alibaba Group and Tencent Holdings - to a state-backed cloud system - within the next year. They are calling this cloud system "guoziyun", which translates as "state asset cloud". This is a result of China's policy of tightening control on the storage and management of data by its companies. The Tianjin SASAC, or the Tianjin State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission stated - in a document dated Aug. 12 - that it was following instructions given by China's cabinet, the State Council. The Tianjin SASAC oversees local government-backed companies. The document stated that companies that host their data on third-party managed cloud platforms - of the likes of those by Huawei Technologies (HWT.UL), Alibaba and Tencent - will need to move to the guoziyun within two months of the contract's expiration. The final date for this shifting of data is given as 30th September 2022. The document has mentioned, "As of today, all companies should not sign new contracts with third-party cloud platforms, or continue cloud resource rental agreements."

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