Tips for getting rid of acne scars

More than 90% of men and women in the whole world used to get acne almost once in their lifetime. Among them, some are regularly welcome by acne breakouts. Some acne is just worse than anything as they used to leave permanent scars. We all used to use different products to get rid of acne scars but we end up with zero results and improvement.

But no need of worrying from now, as today I'm going to share some tips for curing acne scars. Now it's time say goodbye to acne scars and welcome to beautiful skin.

We all know that acne is more commonly seen in people who have oily skin, but an acne breakout can happen to any skin type. Acne, which comes as an uninvited guest, never leaves without leaving behind scars. It, therefore, becomes important to know of all the ways with which it can be dealt with.

Ayurvedic practitioners Suchi and Hansa on their Instagram page SomethingHolistic said, "Acne is a multi-faceted issue that needs to be addressed through diet, sleep, lifestyle and treatments. It is known from experience just how much it can affect self-esteem."

1. They told using ice ball rollers which decreases inflammation. However, avoid direct ice as it can trigger blood vessels.

2. Applying od Azelaic acid, which is anti-inflammatory. As it helps with discoloration and pigmentation.

3. Vitamin C is extremely good and beneficial for skin, it helps in boosting collagen, brighten dull skin and lighten brown spots.

4. We need to perform daily facial abhyanga or massage which will help in increasing blood circulation. It also leads to lymphatic drainage and makes the skin glow.

5. Sun exposure can darken existing scars making them more noticeable. The best way out is to apply sunscreen daily.

Out of these tips you need to follow one thing daily that is you need to wash your face twice a day, to get rid of impurities. Hope this will help you.

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