TMC alleges EC is malfunctioning

On Wednesday, TMC wrote a letter to the Election Commission of India alleging that the poll panel is "malfunctioning" and its state of affairs is "deplorable".

In a two-page letter, the TMC accused the Election Commission of partiality towards BJP.

Stating that the Constitution envisages the Election Commission to be an independent and neutral body, the TMC said, "During this assembly election, it is apparent that the Election Commission is acting in a partisan manner, absolutely in favour of the BJP."

The letter added that the TMC is confident that the people of West Bengal will respond appropriately to "such illegal acts of the Election Commission" by voting in favour of TMC candidates.

"We urge the Election Commission to show some fairness in their approach. Currently, their actions are devoid of all fairness. We urge the Election Commission to ensure a level-playing field in the last four phases of the ongoing elections in West Bengal," the letter said.

The TMC also alleged that while the Election Commission has issued notices and barred their chairperson Mamata Banerjee from campaigning in response to BJP's complaints, no such action has been taken against BJP leaders despite complaints of a model code violation by the TMC.

Quoting extracts from speeches of Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Union home minister Amit Shah (that the TMC alleged to violate the Model Code of Conduct), the letter said, "The EC claims that it monitors speeches. However, it has not taken any action for such serious violations...Narendra Modi and Amit Shah should be banned for campaigning for the remaining phases."

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