A suspended TMC leader raped an adolescent for continuous 3days

West Bengal: A suspended Trinamool Congress (TMC) leader has been arrested for raping an adolescent girl for 3days on his poultry farm in Kharibari, Darjeeling ( a district of West Bengal).

The victim's mother filed the complaint at Kharibari police station on Sunday night, whereas, the stated crime occurred two weeks. Ujwall Sarkar, the accused has been arrested on Monday. The accused took the minor to his farm when her parents were not present at home and locked her up for three days and tortured her.

Sarkar warned the victim with a terrible outcome to not to open her mouth. Sarkar was suspended from the party 7years ago due to breaking disciplines and for inactivity, even many TMC leaders detach themselves from him.

"The matter was brought into view after the victim briefed her grandmother about the whole disaster. We helped the family to get justice as there were attempts made to overpower the crime", said Kalyan Debnath (BJP Siliguri district youth committee President)

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