• Srijani Purkait

Trouble amidst the election procedure on the D-Day in the US.

As the entire world is prepping up and is tensed awaiting the election results of the superpower, the United States welcomed troubles on Tuesday, during the final phase of elections. At a time when the entire world is fighting against freeing from the claws of the coronavirus pandemic. No sooner than the American voters went on to cast their votes, they were greeted with political rioting, violence, vandalism, and voter intimidation.

This situation was quite unexpected keeping in mind the norms of social distancing. But the situation truly went out of hands as the protestors went on to create massacre and mayhem. Philadelphia retailers and banks had to supply buffer security regarding the situation. Some eminent brand stores in Manhattan, namely Disney and Saks Fifth Avenue boarded up their windows, for the sake of safety measures.

Though there's a lot of time for the results to be announced, the citizens are truly disturbed over the fact whether the period of election shall give a clear verdict or bless the citizens with more vandalism. The fight continues as the presidential candidate Joe Biden has already taken over Dixville Notch, near the Canadian border with a majority of five votes. The situation is getting a bit tough for Trump as the exit polls are in favor of Joe Biden.

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