UN Expresses Fear of War Crimes Over Ethiopia Tigray Conflict

The Ethiopian conflict in the northern region of Tigray between the Ethiopian Government & Tigray People's Liberation Front (TPLF) has risen the UN's concern & the fear of violence. UN's human rights chief Michelle Bachelet’s statement on Friday hints towards soaring tensions – “There is a risk this situation will spiral totally out of control, leading to heavy casualties and destruction, as well as mass displacement within Ethiopia itself and across borders”.

The massacre sets in motion the anticipation of a war crime as Amnesty International already confirmed the killing of civilians by citing images and witnesses. Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed who won the Nobel Peace Prize a couple of years back moved allegation against TPLF for spreading terrorism and hate in the volatile area. Some witnesses of the incident claimed that the identity cards of some victims asserted the fact that they were from the Amhara region who had long disputes with Tigrayans.

The repercussion of this 10-day conflict mounted threat among refugees who are seeking shelter in adjacent Sudan by crossing borders. The UN is making a full effort to bring about negotiation from both ends on humanitarian cause due to the fact that ethnic violence has reached an alarming trajectory that poses risks of ethnic cleansing even genocide.

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