• Sayanti Dey

Unaffected Users Privacy Policy: Neither Facebook nor WhatsApp can read your personal chats

Updated WhatsApp Privacy Policy

Facebook as well WhatsApp assures the users of not reading the personal chats with their acquaintance or sensitive data. Both the platforms vowed of not violating personal data and promise the proper security of it.

Along with the above statement, WhatsApp clarifies the fact, the policy may vary for the business account. WhatsApp may access through the information for sharing the data with Facebook. Data will be shared to manage the advertisements displayed according to the field of interest.

Following the privacy update of January 8, 2021, the authority faced numerous condemnation regarding the amended protocols. WhatsApp wrote up a blog stating the same after the people began to shift from Whatsapp to Telegram or Signal following the updated privacy policy. The blog lets out, the privacy policy would not read the user's personal messages, call logs, locations, or hear calls or video calls with their friends, colleagues, family, relatives, etc. They won't access through the shared or received media too because the personal messages are protected by end-to-end encryption. And they are rigid with the commitment to secure the user's personal and sensitive data.

But the same protocols will not apply for the business messages because commercial messaging differs from messaging acquaintance. All the types of businesses need services to communicate with the clients or customer. WhatsApp can voluntarily extract the commercial interpretations through phone, E-mail or WhatsApp. The information will be restored and would be utilized for further marketing purposes. For the convenience, the advertisements may be displayed on Facebook too. And would particularly label those businesses who wish to avail the hosting services from the Facebook.

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