Unnao Case: Rejection couldn't be tolerated; 18-year-old plotted murder of Dalit girl

UNNAO: Uttar Pradesh police dug up to the grassroots of the Unnao Dali girls’ case to finally unleash the murderer. The accused are an 18-year-old boy named Vinay Kumar alias Lambu and a 15-year-old minor; the two of them together had poisoned the three girls. The case was an attempt to murder the 17-year-old girl who had rejected Vinay's proposal.

Police arrested Vinay and the 15-year-old juvenile who committed the murder.



Vinay’s one-sided love for the 17-year-old girl was rejected by her and this boiled a burning urge inside him to take revenge. Vinay aimed to murder the girl who is now battling for her life in a Kanpur hospital. The deaths of the other two girls came as a shock to him.

Police have arrested Vinay and the minor for allegedly poisoning the three teenage girls. The arrests were made 24 hours after the bodies of the three girls were found in Babuhara village in the Unnao district of Uttar Pradesh.

Vinay was a resident of an adjacent village (Pathakpur) who became friends with the three girls during the lockdown. The three girls and the boy used to meet in the fields and spend time together. The police further said that Vinay's farm is adjacent to the field owned by the girls' family. After a couple of meetings, Vinay had proposed to the 17-year-old girl. His proposal got rejected that left him fuming and revengeful.


Vinay had plotted the murder along with the 15-year-old juvenile. They mixed pesticides in a water bottle. Vinay took the poisoned water and snacks and went to the field to meet the girls. Meanwhile, the girls had also reached their meeting spot along with some snacks.

Vinay had offered the water to the 17-year-old girl. The girl drank pesticide-mixed water. Once she was done, the other girls snatched the bottle from her to drink from it too. In no time, the girls collapsed and foam started oozing from their mouths. Vinay and the minor dragged the girls to their field and soon fled away.

The police upon investigating the crime spot discovered the empty bottle and a cigarette butt. The cops were able to detect Vinay’s whereabouts using CDR (call detail record). His mobile phone location was tracked to the field at the time of the crime. Also, the villagers were the eyewitnesses of Vinay and the minor fleeing from the field. The minor's involvement was discovered during the subsequent investigation.

The police had retrieved the girls from the field on Wednesday. The two girls (13 and 15-year-old) had died on the way to the hospital after while the third girl is battling to survive in a Kanpur hospital.


The victims’ family demanded the accused to be hanged and suffer the way their daughters did. The aunt of the girls who’d previously demanded a CBI inquiry into the case, now wants the accused to be hanged.

Both the accused have been held on charges under Section 302 (murder) of the Indian Penal Code (IPC). The police have also slapped Section 201 against the accused for of disappearance of evidence on a complaint of a victim’s father.

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