Commercialization of Festivals

Updated: Jan 11

I wonder what 'Festivals' in the 21st century mean? With evolution and modernization, our way of celebration has evolved. The question is, has it evolved to be better or worse? There is no simple answer to this question. As we live in a capitalistic society, so the modern approach to anything is in terms of profit. This modern approach of commercializing festivals, emotions, and faith has diminished its essence.

Well, known brands and companies put up banners and advertisements just before festivals declaring discounts and special sales. This is because our way of celebrating has evolved to such an extent that our faith and emotions have been replaced. We have forgotten how much is too much. Perhaps we have become self-centered and forgotten our values. I wonder how many of us know why actually these festivals are celebrated.

No doubt that we have transformed into materialistic beings instead of transforming into spiritual beings. A capitalistic society is to blame. But at least festivals should be solely celebrated to enhance our spirituality and faith, to understand its essence. Perhaps everything should not be commercialized.

We need to figure out what can be commercialized and what cannot be. Modernization has left us with no choice but to deal with profit for the economy. But we can make a choice, a choice to think beyond this materialistic approach and restore the real essence of festivals. The realize the pure motive behind each festival.

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