Nuns harassed by Bajrang Dal, cops of UP, Kerala CM seeks intervention

On Wednesday the chief minister of Kerala Pinarayi Vijayan wrote a letter to the Home Minister Amit Shah. He asked in the letter to take action against the people involved in the harassment of the four Nuns. The Nuns were traveling by train when the members of Bajrang Dal and police officers harassed them.

The Nuns were forcibly removed from the train by the police of Jhansi. This took place in absence of women police officials. The Nuns tried showing their Mahar ID cards but the police denied its validity. They were kept in the police station till late at night.

The Nuns were traveling from New Delhi to Rourkela in Odisha. The CM stated that among the Nuns were two postulants who had joined the Sacred Heart Congregation of The Delhi province. They were traveling for the first time to their homes in accompaniment of two nuns. They were harassed by at least 150 Bajrang Dal activists.

According to the reports, after the matter was raised to the higher officials, and the intervention of the Lucknow IG of police the nuns were released from the police station. The nuns were released from the police station around 11 pm at night. The CM said in the letter that such incidents dirty the name of our Country.

The letter also said that such incidents should be immediately condemned by the Union Government. The Cm asked Shah in the letter to intervene in the situation and take strict action against all such groups and individuals. Such individuals and groups tarnish the freedom of individual rights which is provided to everyone by the Constitution.