UP: Gangster surrenders in police station with a 'Please don't shoot me" placard

The gangster surrenders himself with a placard on his neck

A wanted gangster entered UP police station on Sunday, 27th September 2020, and surrendered himself with a ‘Please don’t shoot me’ placard hanging around his neck.

The man is a wanted criminal carrying a reward of Rs 15000 on his arrest. He entered Uttar Pradesh police station with a placard hanging on his neck which had his confession written upon it.

The confession written on the placard read as "I am afraid of Sambhal Police. I accept my mistakes. I am surrendering. Please do not shoot me."

Close-up of the placard carried by the criminal

The criminal has been identified as Naeem, he arrived at the Nakhasa police station in Uttar Pradesh and surrendered himself.

Dharmapal Singh, the Station House Officer said that the criminal has been booked under the Gangsters Act, and is currently in custody until any further action is taken. While the Sambhal police tweeted about the gangster's surrender.

The SHO also stated that this isn't the first time when a criminal has surrendered himself before the police while pleading for mercy with a placard. Amroha and Kanpur have also witnessed such surrenders. It has been reported that on all three occasions, the criminals bought along with the local media with them in order to ensure their safety.

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