UP Police files 5000 page chargesheet against Siddique Kappan

Uttar Pradesh Police has filed a 5000-page charge sheet against Siddique Kappan for covering the Hathras gang-rape case. Source-NDTV.

The Uttar Pradesh Police has filed a 5000-page charge sheet against Siddique Kappan. They arrested the Kerala journalist last year when he went to cover the Hathras gang rape. Kappan was arrested while traveling to Delhi Airport. He was going to report the aftermath of the Hathras gang rape case.

The Hathras incident took place in September 2020. A Dalit woman was gang-raped and murdered. They cremated her body in a hurry in the middle of the night without informing the victim's family.

This tragic incident soon hit the news. Many journalists went to cover and gather as much information to bring the truth to light.

Seven journalists got arrested. Along with Mr. Kappan, the UP Police also arrested three other journalists. They are facing charges under the stringent Unlawful Activities Prevention Act (UAPA). They charged these journalists under this law for alleged conspiracy to create communal tension. The Police stated they acted on a tip about 'suspicious people'.

Defense Lawyer Madhuvan Dutt Chaturvedi said, "We have not received a copy of the charge sheet. It's about 5000 pages. Once we get an official copy, we will study it and decide our course of action."

Many widely criticized the way the UP administration handled the Hathras Case. They accused the UP Police of taking a delayed action against the accused individuals. When the victim succumbed to her injuries, the police also took away her body and cremated her body at 2 am. They burned her body in the absence of her family. They criticized this action of UP Police.

The state also mistreated the journalists and leaders who tried to visit Hathras.

Later, the CBI took over the case. They filed a charge sheet against the four accused. The trial is currently going on in a court in Hathras.

The UP Government informed the Supreme Court that Mr. Kappan worked in a daily. He claimed to work as a journalist in this Kerala-based daily, but the paper shut down two days back.

Kappan filed for bail to go visit his ill-mother. That too was denied. The Kerala Union of Working Journalists (KUWJ) asked the Supreme Court for an independent inquiry. They requested an inquiry by a retired judge to determine the facts of the alleged 'illegal arrest and detention' of Mr. Kappan.

The KUWJ claims that the Uttar Pradesh Police has made an 'absolutely false and incorrect statement' about Mr. Kappan.