• Sayanti Dey

UPDATE: Debris Recovered From Indonesian Crashed Aircraft

Traces of Boeing 735 – 500, the Indonesian flight has been recovered. The flight was suspected to crash on January 9, 2021, after the flight radar tracking service (Flightradar24) couldn't track the aircraft any more within 4 minutes of the take-off.

The Sriwijaya, Flight SJ182 departed from Jakarta and was destined to Pontianak, Western Kalimantan province. 62 passengers along with 12 crew members were on board. The flight started losing the radar after it reached to 10,000 feet altitudes high.

Basarnas, head of the country's search and rescue team said, the team has started an expedition for the crashed aircraft on the same day. National Search and Rescue Agency, Bagus Puruhito on January 11, 2021, said SAR discovered the debris and corpse between Lancang Island and Laki Island.

Transportation Minister Budi Karya Sumadi expressed his concern regarding the aircraft disaster. He said, the authorities had undertaken tremendous efforts to identify the crash site.

50 ships, 13 aircraft, 12 boats and 2,600 personnel were involved in the exploration. So far, no survivor has been recovered. By January 11, 2021, the National Transportation Safety Committee except to discover the black boxes, a turbine from one of its engines has been already discovered.

Nurcahyo Utomo said, the plane had ruptured in mid-air and exploded soon after it touched the water body.

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