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Vaccinations Galore: All you Need to know about the Corona Virus, Now.

So How Many Are We Talking?

With the rampant increase in covid cases, countries all across the world have taken it upon themselves to administer vaccines round-robin style. According to Bloomberg, over 486 million doses have been administered across 137 countries, as of March 25th (GMT +5:30). A giant number indeed, but which countries are doing it, and more importantly how have these vaccines improved the chances for a healthy world and a return to previous normalcy? Can we eliminate the new normal for good, at this rate?

Countries Administering Vaccines

To start at the beginning and mention a few, U.S has administered over 130 million doses that have accounted for 20% coverage. Australia has given 322,000 doses, that which is enough for 0.6% of their population, Russia – 11 million doses that account for 3.6% of their population, and Canada has given 4.3M which has covered 5.8% of their population. Last but not least, India has provided for 52 million doses which have covered 1.9% of the population. WHO has approved certain vaccines developed by specific countries of which include the U.S, Russia, Netherlands, India, UK, and China.

However, with the rising number of cases and the slow efficacy rate of the vaccines, the question to be pondered is – are we ever going to achieve our previous normal?

Corona Virus and its impact on countries

According to the Hindustan Times, several countries are still under lockdown from the rapid spread of the virus. China in fact has reported new cases of Covid-19, wherein new restrictions were imposed in Shanghai. As per Reuters, Mainland China had reported 88,911 cases total. Norway, Ireland, and Denmark are a few other countries that still remain under lockdown. In fact, a dangerous coronavirus mutant had been found, the result of which was the imposition of strict lockdown measures in Ireland as well as the UK. India has reported over 1 lakh coronavirus infections within a span of just two days, according to Yahoo News! and the tally in Andaman and Nicobar Islands has increased to 5041.

While officials claim no relation to spike in cases, to add to the wildfire, India as of 7 hours ago has reported the spread of a much more dangerous mutant virus which may or may not be effective against the vaccine, according to BBC news. This in turn raises immense fear of a second wave. In the US, the Biden administration has however decided to administer nearly 200 million shots within the first 100 days, a move that could potentially prove to be useful. However, the rate of increase in the different nations has been astronomical. Deaths in Europe and Asia have proven to outnumber Asia, completely, as a whole. Parts of America, South America, and the Caribbean are still increasing. But with the current spread of the virus, it could take up to years before a new normal can be seen.

Per-day Deaths?

India has reported a total of 211 deaths per day, according to CNN. Italy has reported a total of 415 cases, Indonesia 153, and Russia 401 total cases per day. The UK, Iraq, and Iran stand at a comparatively lesser number of deaths per day at 79, 79, and 34 respectively. However, the US stands out with a whopping 978 cases per day, Brazil being at 2,273, and Mexico at 531 cases. Of all countries, the US has been hit pretty hard with over 30 million cases and the death of 545, 597 dead patients.

The Growth Rates of Covid-19 Cases Across the Globe

In India, the number of cases is doubling every six months, according to a growth tracker by CNN that uses a logarithmic scale to show how quickly the number of known Covid cases is growing in each country and territory. The United Arab Emirates is real close with cases doubling every five months, Mauritius doubling every month, Russia’s cases doubling every 11 months, and the United States having its cases double every 12 months. The United Kingdom has improved considerably with its cases doubling only every two years.

The link to the growth tracker can be found here:

What are these Countries Doing about their Situation?

According to Anthony Fauci, a top infectious-disease official in the U.S., vaccinating 75% to 80% of the U.S population would allow for normalcy to prevail once more. According to Bloomberg however, over 2,491,403 doses are being administered per day on average and would take the U.S at least another 5 months to cover 75% of the population. Israel was the first country to prove to be a ray of hope wherein the vaccines were seen to work. Upon administering the vaccine, over 84% of people had received two doses and deaths declined rapidly. Covid cases have also declined in countries such as Israel, Seychelles, UAE, and Maldives, where vaccines have been given to cover at least 25% of the population, covid rates have flattened and declined, according to an article by Bloomberg.[1] Such an ambitious pursuit can be achieved with the vaccines being administered daily and judiciously, in addition to social distancing protocols and emergency lockdowns, with the rampant increasing rates in countries. Reaching a 25% coverage is difficult for especially large populations, but not an impossible pursuit, keeping in mind factors of organized governance and meticulous executions.

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