Vaccine shots now a gate pass for seniors

Source: Times of India

The risk seemed to be lower than last year when we were fighting against an unknown virus. Since we have constrained ourselves from attending any large social gatherings over the last year, on Sunday, we are expecting to meet our relatives by maintaining social distancing and taking all the other Covid precautions. Sajal Kumar Nan, a retired bank employee resident of Amherst Street, has taken the first jab. He plans to attend a small family party on Holi. The vaccine is not a medium to avoid Covid-19 with its guidelines nor does it guarantee that we will never catch the virus. Hence, it is always necessary to take precautions that are better than any steps which will lead to unwanted problems.

A doctor at NRS Medical College and Hospital, Digbijoy Bose, from Kalyani, said that he'll be meeting his friends after remaining on Covid duty for a year. Though the jab may not be fool-proof protection against the virus, yet it is offering some immunity. This has given him the confidence to meet his relatives at a party. The jab may have turned out to be an entry pass for those above 60 who are planning to attend small gatherings and house parties this Holi weekend.

Scores of senior citizens will be joining the festivities at various places where only those who have taken the shot are permitted to attend the party. But the party would have limited gatherings.

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