VHP president asks UP government to remove the One-Child Policy Norm.

Vishwa Hindu Parishad has objected to the incentivizing of public servants and others to follow the one-child norm mentioned in certain sections of the proposed Uttar Pradesh Population ( Control, Stabilization, and Welfare) bill, 2021.

It has suggested the Uttar Pradesh Government remove the policy norm from its draught population control bill, saying that it will lead to furthering of the imbalance between different communities and contraction of the population.

The VHP has further asked the government to remove "the anomaly " of rewarding of punishing the child instead of the parents from the UP population will 2021.

"The preamble of the bill states that this is a bill, inter alia, to stabilize the population and promote the two-child norm. The Vishva Hindu Parishad agrees with both objects," the organization's working president, Alok Kumar, said in a letter to the Uttar Pradesh State Law Commission (UPSCL) on Monday.

However, sections 5, 6(2), and 7 of the bill, which motivates public servants and others to have only one child in the family, go "well beyond the said objects", he said.

"Therefore, we suggest the deletion of section 5, and the consequential sections 6(2) and 7 to avoid the contraction of the population as also the undesirable social and economic consequences of a one-child policy, and also the removal of the anomaly of rewarding or punishing the child instead of the parents," Kumar added.

“In a contracting population, the ratio between the working-age and dependent population gets disrupted,” said Mr. Kumar in his letter. “In an extreme case, the one-child policy would lead to a situation where there is only one working-age adult to look after two parents and four grandparents. In China, which adopted the one-child policy in 1980, it was called the 1-2-4 phenomenon. To get over it, China had to relax its one-child policy,” said Mr. Kumar.

Many states including Assam have some type of incentive program for population control, less than a year away from assembly polls with Uttar Pradesh bring in a draft law that promises to raise political heat.