Viewer's stand collapsed at Telangana during a Kabaddi event

TELANGANA: Hundreds of spectators were injured when a spectator seat collapsed during the opening ceremony of a national-level kabaddi tournament in Telangana. Some of them have broken arms and legs. The condition of the two is critical, police said. The incident took place on Monday night in the Suryapet district.

Viewer's stand collapsed in this stadium. Source: The news time

The 47th Junior National Kabaddi Tournament was held at the SP Office Grounds in Suryapet. Temporary spectators were made with wooden decks to watch the game. One and a half thousand spectators were arranged to sit in one stand. SP Maidan has a capacity of 15,000 spectators.

According to police, players from 29 states took part in the tournament. The tournament is scheduled for March 25. Monday was the opening ceremony of the tournament. Five thousand spectators attended the opening ceremony at one time. State Sports Minister V Srinivas Gaur and another Minister G Jagdish Reddy were present. Witnesses said a stand suddenly collapsed as the opening ceremony began. Many were crushed under him. Hundreds were injured. They were rescued and admitted to the hospital.

Initially, the police thought that the accident took place due to overcrowding in the stands. Suryapet District Superintendent of Police R Bhaskaran said, “The injured have been admitted to Suryapet Government Hospital. Two of them are in critical condition. They have been shifted to Hyderabad. How this happened is being investigated. ”

A total of three stands were set up, an eyewitness said. The height of one stand is 20 feet. 240 feet wide. The capacity of one stand is one and a half thousand. But he claimed that the stand had collapsed due to inability to accommodate more spectators than the capacity.

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