Vydyuthi Energy Services gets UN recognition

KOCHI: Even though governments and private companies consider women empowerment, their efforts have much more to be accomplished. True to its Tenet, startup Vydyuthi Energy Services went beyond the limit and got recognised by the United Nations. They were signed up for the Women Empowerment Principles, thus making it the first startup in the state to get such a recognition.

Vydyuthi Energy Service focuses on Energy Efficiency, Renewable Energy, E-Mobility, Power Quality Assessments, Carbon Accounting and Climate Action.

Vydyuthi Energy services comprise women as the majority in the renewable energy sector. “In India, VES was among the 170 companies that signed up for this initiative. We have 51 to 80 per cent of women employees. While the statistics remain the same at the management level, between 49 and 80 per cent of women form our board, executive team and partners,” said Anoop Babu, who is with the company. 

He also mentioned how the idea for this startup stuck him while a conversation with mother Indira Babu. The mother said even she could've founded a company of her own but due to her inefficient English, she's incapable. Then the founder decided that he'd show Indira Babu, her management skills and talent is all needed for the startup. Now, this Thiruvananthapuram-based company is owned by the mother which was launched four months ago.

“Currently, my mother is the managing director while Sudha Kumari, a retired engineer who was leading the Energy Efficiency Department of the Kerala State Electricity Board, is the head of the business. Vani Vijay, a research expert, is a working partner while my wife Kokila Vijayakumar heads the company operations,” he said.

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