Wage earns plunges in this second wave of covid-19 among 10 million.

Image source- wageworkers.com

Manoj kumar, 40 years old with three children and wife is in struggle for funtamental commodies(food, clothes) in a economically backward state of India( Bihar).

He was working as a helper in co struction work in goa resort after the first wave of covid-19and was making a handful of money(Rs.600).

He arrived for attending a marriage in his village,unfortunately could not return back to goa due to lockdown. Currently working as a helper at Rs.300 in his own village. He is now in completion to take loan for himself and his family .

There are a lot many crying souls in this pandemic who lost not only their bread-butter but also thier lives.

Shrank in G.D.P(gross domestic product)

According to latest census, there is 8% of loss in the ended year in march. Has been noticed the bigggest contractionsince 1952.

Responce of ilo(international labour organization) director-mr.General Guy Ryder.

He gave a positive response in this trouble . He mentioned "our report by providing minimum wages suggests to gain distint power to extiguise ineqality and poverty by 10%at national level.

The above mentioned indicates to those 50% lower skilled jobs that 17%would have lost wages without subitidies.

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