We are going to defeat Covid-19, but we should be prepared for other greater threats: WHO

On the 73rd WHA assembly, which was held virtually, WHO shared 3 important messages and assured people that the covid-19 can be overcome with the help of science, explications, & solidarity.

The Covid-19 pandemic (Source - IUCN)

WHO explained that despite being a global crisis, many global countries have successfully prevented the covid-19 outbreak by taking a thorough and evidence-based procedure.

Moreover, the officials of WHO said that it is for the first time in the history of mankind, that world is working together to develop vaccines and other remedies to tackle the covid-19 and to ensure the safety of humankind. This is helping us to get faster and reliable results too.

WHO drafted a resolution to strengthen and robust the world government for health emergency preparation like the covid-19 and to ensure that countries get better equipped with medical facilities so they can respond in a more efficient way to tackle this kind of harmful diseases.

WHO assured that the covid-19 can be defeated but each country should target "triple billion" and should be ready for the next greater pandemic.

The covid-19 has already taken 1.2 million lives and more than 47 million cases have been reported presently.

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