We are here with you all wage earners with 10,000 rupees in bank account- Yogi Aditya Nath

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The population of our state is 25 crores and the other states less than half of our population are getting new covid - 19 patients daily as we have all in total.

○We are the best at the condition of controlling the covid 19 waves within our reach. It all became possible due to our combined efforts.

○I again insist you get a vaccination as soon as possible.

I am always with the people such as daily wage earners, potters, small shopkeepers, etc., and will help them to fulfill the dreams same of their own homes, financial status, education.

He also lamented upon the harm done by covid-19 and by keeping that thing in mind he announced to transfer rupees 1,000 to each wage earner. A total amount of 230 crores to 23 lakh daily wage earners.

As the laborers, have played a significant role in " aatm nirbhar Bharat".

He also launched a new website -


He also launched a new website for the e- rickshaw service, laborers, small shopkeeper cobbler, fisher, Potter and other backward class for their benefits. With the annual insurance of rupees 5,00,000 just by registration." the work of providing is done with the wide commitment." He assured them that.