West Bengal: A total number of 58,34,755 test has been conducted till now

Containment Zones in Kolkata

(Source - Millennium Post)

Kolkata: W.B has conducted a 45208 covid-19 sample test in the last 24hrs which made the total test number in the city 58,34, 755. Fortunately, it has a higher ratio in recovery rather than infection. On Sunday, the rate of recovery stayed at 93.18% having 3445 patients releasing from the hospitals after getting proper treatment.

The number of patients that have cured tallied towards 4,48,032 where those remaining still infective are at 4,80,813. The sample test report showed a positive infection percentage of 8.24 in the state and 54 people succumbed to death in the past 24hrs. This made the death toll reach 8376.

Kolkata itself witnessed 826 newer cases related to covid and 13 people died in just mere 24hrs.

The number of infected people in Kolkata tallied to 1,05,997 whereas Howrah saw 215 cases in the last 24hrs.

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