West Bengal: Covid cases drop with recovery rate touching a new high of 92.54%

The total of active cases on Friday is almost back where it was 55 days ago, on September 26.

Bengal reported a drop in active Covid cases helping the recovery rate rise to a new high of 92.54%. The state's total number of cases slumped to 3629 cases with 3850 recoveries followed by 50 deaths on Friday.

With a total of 4.49 lakh cases and 7923 deaths, Bengal has taken a continual leap in the recoveries with 4.16 patients safely back home. However, the state's mortality rate is 1.76 more than the national rate of 1.46.

The state's recovery rate has been catching up with the national rate of 93% with 44.159 tests on Friday taking the total number of tests past 60 million, i.e, 60,379.

The state reported 28.48 percent occupancy on 13,508 beds at 101 dedicated hospitals. Over 4.66 lakh telemedicine consultations have been availed by the affected.

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