What goes around comes around.where is your chief compliance minister Twitter?- government.

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The government issued very new rules for all the social media platforms on 25 May 2021 after the disappointment of the earlier policy because of incorporating the social media companies.

A short and mandatory among all the rules was to appoint three key officers in their particular company to keep an eye upon the communication going on between people.

MIETY (ministry of electronics and information technology) stated

1.Grievance officer

2.a nodal person

3. Chief compliance minister

Note- inhabitant of India

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Good report:-

Approximately, each social media platform appointed those above officers such as WhatsApp, Netflix, Amazon, LinkedIn, and others, as demanded by the government.


This social media platform is still without the details of the chief compliance minister.

They have provided a nodal person and grievance officer details to the government.

When the Delhi police went for inquiry in Twitter's head office after all the rude messages reached into the government's ear. Delhi police disputed a statement that the words were "mendacious". Twitter also highlighted few tweets of BJP leaders on the COVID-19 pandemic, which were named as manipulated media.

Twitter also considered India as a vital market but criticized the new guideline which is against " inhabitant free, open public conversation".

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Government response to such message -

The messaging platform was popping up as baseless and untrue allegedly to defame India in the terms of distinguishing the world's largest democracy.

Still, the government is obstinate in its rule if not abided then will -

1. Criminal case would be filed against them.

2.will lose their medium in India.

Our primary motive is to promote and provide an adequate quality of society in India to live free from disrespect, nudity, sensational hooks, sex, race, etc.