Whatsapp to launch a new self-disappearing media feature soon after the 'Delete Messages' feature

WhatsApp testing self-disappearing picture, video message feature Whatsapp tests its new feature which will make the media self-disappear after the receiver has seen it. It was reported earlier that Whatsapp was testing disappearing text messages, which would automatically delete the messages after the expiry of the pre-set time, and now it is set to set its self-disappearing media feature which will self-erase big multimedia contents. While the feature will be called 'Expiring Media', the 'Expiring Messages' has already undergone several rounds of testing.

How does the Expiring Media feature work?

The media files such as pictures, videos, and GIFs will come with a self-delete option, which will self-erase the media from the recipient's inbox as soon as they open it. While the expiring text messages disappear after the pre-set time, the media files will automatically be deleted as soon as they exit the chat session. The new feature will certainly add more value in terms of the user's privacy as the media file will not be able to be saved on the recipient's phone. While it is not sure whether the image can be saved via the screenshot option. It is reported that Whatsapp will address the issue before launching it publicly. All Android users may not be able to update their app, as the feature is still under development. What is the Expiring Message Feature?

The disappearing message feature was renamed as the ' Delete Messages' just before it rolled out officially. The feature enables the messages to be automatically deleted and make it seem as if the messages had never been sent before.

The much-awaited self-destructing message feature is being rolled out by Whatsapp. The messages will automatically be deleted after the particular period of time set by the user. The users who have the Google ay beta program can download the latest version as the feature is being rolled out on the Beta version number 2.19.348. Users can also manually update the app by downloading it from the APK available on the APK Mirror platform.

The feature will be available for group chats and can only be enabled by the group admins.

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