Why mainstream Bollywood masala movies are not enjoyable on OTT medium

Updated: Dec 16, 2020

OTT platform is highly on demands due to this pandemic in comparison to movie theatres

In these recent pandemic times, we observed a sudden spike in the OTT platform for a series of content. Most of us enjoyed the OTT medium because it was tough for us to visit the Cinema Halls as it was closed due to Coronavirus.

We know this very well that with this pandemic life so many works stopped or paused. Many projects, many shootings, and many contracts were still. But we saw OTT providing us with some really good content. We saw so many web series highlighting new actors and their works.

We also found that many movies that were supposed to run in the theatres were also premiered on the OTT. We loved some of the movies getting on the OTT and maybe that was the best source of entertainment we had in the past few months of these tough situations. But does that means cinema halls are going to lose their identity? The answer to this is a straight-up “NO”.

This is so because we people love movies and we love Cinema Halls as well. It is quite evident that movies like mainstream Bollywood masala are not that enjoyable on the OTT platform because it doesn’t give you the ambiance we all love at movie halls. The typical Bollywood movies are not that entertaining when watched at OTT because the theatrical premiere has its different beauty and aura.

Even though we are used to OTT nowadays but for movies like intense romance, action, a thriller is not that enjoyable sitting at home. The essence of movie halls can never be fulfilled with this OTT platform. To watch Bollywood movies, we love visiting cinema halls because we like the huge sound, public shouting, hooting, and whistling, then being awestruck at romantic scenes and so much more. Those feelings or those theatrical experiences can never be fulfilled at home or in isolation.

Web series are better at the OTT platforms rather than the movies. This is so because how hard you try, you can take out a person from a movie hall but cannot take out a movie hall from a person’s mind. We all just love going to halls because you can feel the scenes.

For example- if we watch horror movies at movie halls, we are going to love that horror experience rather than sitting at home and enjoying it. Movies like “Dil Bechara” or “Laxmi” would have been better at the movie halls to construct emotion and love them, but with this OTT it may not be that enjoyable.

Also, movies like “Gulabo Sitabo” deserve a better recognition. If it would have been cinema halls, people would have loved to watch a young generation actor Ayushmaan Khurrana to quarrel with the legendary actor Amitabh Bacchan.

The entertainment has invaded homes, your drawing room, or your bedroom but you are going to miss the movie hall vibes. And to be honest for movies like Bollywood which includes everything on a platter, it is not enjoyable like that at OTT.

“Cinema deserves a Cinema hall”

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