Will add 8,000 oxygen beds in 10 days on a war footing: Gujarat CM

On Sunday, Gujarat recorded another alarming peak, recording 10,340 new cases and 110 deaths. At 61,647 cases, the state fought an all-time high number of active patients with almost all private and government hospitals nearly full. Source - Times of India

Chief Minister's Statement

As Gujarat fights an unpredicted health crisis triggered by the pandemic, CM Vijay Rupani said that their biggest priority is adding oxygen beds within the state. “In the past one month, we have increased the number of Covid beds by 37,000 – from 41,000 on March 15 to 78,000 on April 18. Overall, the state now has 35,000 oxygen beds and 10,000 ICU beds,” said Rupani. With more and more patients getting hypoxic and needing oxygen to breathe, the state will put in 8,000 beds with oxygen supply in the next 10 days. “We are adding oxygen beds on a war footing,” the CM said. Stating oxygen as the biggest focus area for the state government for Covid treatment, the CM said that during the last wave in November-December the daily oxygen requirement was 250MT.

He said, “In this wave, it has increased by three times to 830MT. It can be interpreted both ways – the number of patients requiring oxygen has increased, and the number of beds with oxygen supply has also increased.” Rupani said that the statement is already issued that all the oxygen manufacturing within and around four major cities – Ahmedabad, Surat, Vadodara, and Rajkot – would be drawn away for medical usage only to meet the rise in demand. He added, “The eight cities account for 65-70% of the daily cases. If we can control the new cases there, we can control the overall situation. Thus, the testing is ramped up to quickly find new cases, containment zones are increased and new beds are added.”

He suggested the upcoming 900-bed medical facility in Ahmedabad at Gujarat University Convention Centre in coordination with DRDO as one such example. “We are starting the trial run for it on April 22. The facility can be expanded for 500 more beds,” he added.

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