Woman Came To Parents Home With Injuries After 20 Days Of Wedding.

Updated: Dec 22, 2020

Police arrested in an attempt to murder and dowry harassment case.

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This had been a case just 20 days from her wedding while her husband and mother-in-law whipped her and attempted to murder her. Swati (not her actual name), a householder of Banaswadi and a law student, might have fled with her life, but was suffering from extreme injuries on her neck, hands, back legs, and shattered her spinal cord because of a hit.

She has now entered a complaint in HAL police station on her husband Bharath Reddy.

According to her father Babu Reddy, they consumed crores for her wedding and did everything, They were thinking that their daughter will live there with good care.

Her father Babu Reddy said, "After the, my daughter's friends told her that her husband-to-be does behave in a good manner but we thought that time they were young so saying like this."

According to Swati, her wedding was on October 30 and on the same night her husband came home in drunk. Swati did not allow him to to close her so he was distress.

Next day he also came home drunk too and abused her. The same thing happened for three to four days. Then he started thrashing her too. They began to lock her up inside a room and will not allow her to contact us. They told her that they need a child immediately. They were not caring about her.

On November 19, her husband and mother-in-law Komalamma appeared like they already made up their mind to do aside with her. Her husband attacked her with rods and distorted her fingers. He hit her legs so that time she was not able to run away. She ran to the bathroom and started crying to get help. They pulled her with her. She tried to call us and informed us. So her sister and brother-in-law immediately came to save her.

The sister saw her hands tied-up and her spinal cord had fragmented and she had injured severely.

After the case, Swati's family got to know that their son-in-law Bharath Reddy had been married before. According to Police statement, Bharath was an unemployed and drugs addicted.

According to a senior police officer, Bharath often attacked his father. Police are holding up the accused and are interrogating them.

HAL Police have recorded the case and have reserved them attempt to murder and dowry harassment with other IPC sections.

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