Woman Constable and partner arrested in charge of Murdering her husband in Maharashtra

Updated: Mar 6

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On 18th February, Pundalik Patil, a rickshaw driver was found dead in Dhekale village.

Police have been arrested a woman constable and her partner policeman from Palghar in charge of murdering her husband and later faking it as an accident. 3 others are also arrested.

Earlier, on 18th February the body of the victim was found in Dhekla village in Manor with his auto-rickshaw.

Post mortem report says, Pundalik died of multiple head injuries after being hit with a heavy object.

Though at the 1st sight, it looked like an accident, because of some lapses a murder case was registered, and an investigation was launched by SPO(Palghar, Vikash Naik with the help of the local intelligence team. According to police, the body was found in the rare seat of his auto-rickshaw, which has risen suspicion in them.

During the probe, Police later came to know about his wife Snehal Patil's allegedly adulterous relationship with her colleague, Policeman, Vikash Pashte. They both are posted in Vasai.

According to the reports, the victim got suspicious and objected to it. So, Snehal and Pashte made a plan to murder him. Snehal till now, gave him 2.50 lakhs to kill her husband. Pashte hired 3men identified as Swapnil Govari, Avinash Bhoir, and Vishal Patil.

On 17th February, as planned, the trio took Pundalik,'s auto to Dhekale and attacked him with iron rods after finding some secluded spot. They killed him and overturned the rickshaw to fake it as an accident.

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