Woman finds suicide note of her son in the cupboard after 1 year of his death

A woman leaving in Gujarat found suicide note of her son in his cupboard, after one year of his death. In that suicide note, her son has revealed the reason behind taking such a drastic step.

According to the information, the man attempted suicide in April 2020 and wrote a note before his death probably in April 2019. But his mother found that note after one year of his death in January 2021.

According to the report, women was identified as Leela Jadhav. After getting the noted woman has complained.

According to the police report, Leela Jadhav's only son Madhav jumped into the Narmada canal on April 9 2020, after day police were able to find his dead body. The woman was unable to identify the exact reason of this incident until she read that note.

Jadhav told, "she was cleaning her son's cupboard in the first week of January when she found a suicide note. Dated April 8, 2019, the note had been written exactly a year before Madhav took the drastic step. The note was found in the folds of a bedsheet."

In that, it was written that he has ended his life as because his wife has cheated him. His wife was sleeping with another man in front of him which he can't bother and took such a drastic step. From that note, police have informed that Madhav suffered an erectile dysfunction a few days before his marriage and his wife started calling him impotent.

The man further alleged that his wife started calling the man she had sex with in front of him. The letter read, "I asked them to end their relationship as it was badly hurting me but they continued to insult me. As they have refused to stop, I will commit suicide."