Woman goes to Telangana HC to get her daughter’s leaked nudes removed from social media

A woman approached the Telangana High Court seeking action regarding her daughter’s leaked pictures. The daughter is an NRI from Australia whose nude pictures have been leaked deliberately on social media platforms.

The victim is a married woman with a son of a 5-years-old. According to the reports, the nuisance has been caused by her former boyfriend. The mother has already written to multiple social media platforms reporting the cause. She has reported multiple fake accounts in the victim’s name and her obscene pictures and asked them to be taken down. The police’s help was also sought but all the efforts turned into vain. Hence her decision to approach the High court.

The woman, hailing from Hyderabad’s Madhapur told the court about the ordeal. Her daughter had a small affair with her classmate in the year 2011. The relationship ended because of the abusive nature of the man. It ended within 8 months of starting. During that small-term, her daughter was emotionally manipulated into sharing her obscene pictures.

After the relationship ended, he put up the intimate pictures on social media which were taken down in 2012. It reappeared in 2019 on multiple platforms. It got through the eyes of her husband and he asked her to get them removed.

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