Woman kills her daughter for supporting her father over a TV fight

Image source -: Times Of India

A 26-year-old woman residence of Bengaluru killed her three years old daughter, for supporting her father over a TV fight. This incident took place On Tuesday night, at an under-construction building at BDA Layout, near Nagarbhavi.

Reason behind this incident :

According to the information, the accused and her husband were fighting over watching TV earlier that day. In this whole incident, the child has supported her father, which made the accused angry. In anger, she took such a horrible step. As per the report, the name of the accused is Sudha, a resident of Mallathahalli, she is a housekeeping staffer at a tiles shop. They have arrested her for her deeds. On Wednesday, this incident came out in the light, when a passerby noticed the girl’s dead body. After getting the information, Annapoorneshwari Nagar police rushed to the spot and identified the child as Vinutha, the only daughter of a daily wage laborer, Sudha, and Eeranna. On Tuesday, Sudha registered a missing complaint at Annapoorneshwari Nagar police station. She filed a complaint and told the police that she and her daughter went to a chaat shop. Then, while she was busy paying the bill, her daughter went missing.

After recovering dead body :

Police after recovering Vinutha’s body informed both Sudha and Eeranna for identification. Both the couple burst into tears.

Sudha's suspicious behavior :

Police found Sudha's behavior is suspicious, so they questioned more about that chaat shop, which they had visited on Tuesday night.

Sudha's confession :

Soon after, Sudha confessed she had only killed her own daughter.

Sudha told the police that, "she killed her daughter because the child liked and supported her father more than her."

Police said :

Police said, “Eeranna would be away from 6 am to 8 pm daily on work and come home for lunch.”

Deputy commissioner said :

Sanjeev M Patil, deputy commissioner of police, said, “On Tuesday, Eeranna came home for lunch around 2 pm. His daughter was watching TV. Eeranna took and changed the channel to watch the news. His wife objected to him watching news channels all the time. She scolded him and that he needn’t come home if he wanted to watch the news. That’s when Vinutha supported Eeranna and asked her mother to keep quiet and allow her father to watch TV; the girl said her mother had gone mad. Sudha lost her cool and murdered Vinutha the same night.”

Police said :

Police said, “Sudha would take her daughter along with her to the tiles shop, where she worked from 9 am to noon. Vinutha would come home and narrate to her father everything that would happen at her mother’s workplace and this too riled Sudha.”

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