Woman Plans An Acid Attack On A Man Who Refused Her Marriage Proposal

A woman who plotted to carry out an acid attack on a man who refused to marry her gets arrested along with her boss and two brothers.

At Hiran Magri, Udaipur, the police arrested three people (two men and one woman) for throwing acid on a man, as he had refused the woman's marriage proposal.

The woman, Naija Hussain allegedly gave her boss, Roshan Singh Rathore, forty thousand bucks to get the job done. The boss chose his younger brother, Vikram Singh Rathore, to get the job done.

Abhishek Singh, the victim, is an engineer at a cement factory in Dabok. Naija is his colleague.

On the 7th of May, he informed the police that an unidentified man had thrown acid on his back. The incident took place at Sevashram bridge. He was waiting for his boss, Roshan, to pick him up for work. Later, the police arrested Roshan Singh, his brother Vikram and the woman for the crime.

Both Abhishek and Naija were engineers at a cement factory in Dabok. They were close. However, Abhishek's family had already fixed his marriage with another girl. Their wedding was to be held on May 23rd. Naija tried to convince Abhishek to marry her, but the latter ended their relationship. This enraged Naija and she wanted to teach Abhishek, a lesson.

According to the SHO of Hiran Magri police station, the Naija befriended their boss Roshan after Abhishek refused to marry her. She eventually convinced Roshan to carry out the crime. She wanted to hurt Abhishek and not kill him, for revenge. Vikram, Roshan's brother was assigned to do the job and his actions were in the CCTV footage.

Abhishek had returned home after the attack. Usually, he took the bus to reach the office, but his boss started giving him lifts after the lockdown was imposed. Thus, when Roshan could not find him at the pickup spot, he called Abhishek. The latter explained the situation to Roshan and he took Abhishek to the hospital.

The CCTV footage had eventually led to the arrest of the trio. Vikram, who was seen in the video, was the one to spill the truth.

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