Woman seeks Rs 1 crore compensation after getting non-veg pizza.

A vegetarian woman was served a non-veg pizza by an American restaurant in Ghaziabad.

She has now moved to consumer court seeking compensation of Rs 1 crore saying that she will have to undergo arduous and expensive rituals to undo the damage.

According to a news report by ANI, in her petition, Deepali Tyagi has claimed that she is a pure vegetarian because of her "religious beliefs, teachings, family traditions, own conscience, and her best choice" and that she ended up taking a bite of the non-veg pizza served to her.

Deepali on March 21st, 2019 had placed an order for a vegetarian pizza in Ghaziabad, Uttar Pradesh for her family after a day of playing Holi.

The pizza was delivered late but she ignored the delay and took a bite of the pizza without noticing that it was non-veg.

Her complaint stated that only after taking the bite did she realize that there were pieces of meat instead of mushrooms.

Farhat Warsi, Deepali's lawyer told the consumer court that she immediately called customer care and raised questions on their negligence in delivering a non-veg pizza in a house of pure vegetarians.

The manager of the pizza outlet called Deepali, a few days later, and promised to serve free pizzas to her entire family, said the ANI report.

However, Deepali told him that it was not a simple case of man-made mistake but that company had hurt her religious beliefs and practices and had also caused a permanent mental agony.

Deepali also went on to say that she will have to perform several long and expensive rituals, which will cause her lakhs of rupees during her entire life.

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