Woman travels 800 km to file a rape complaint against a gruesome blackmail by a friend

The woman traveled from Lucknow to Nagpur to file a complaint of sexual harassment

A 22-year-old Nepalese woman traveled all the way from Lucknow to file a rape case in Nagpur, Maharashtra against a man, as reported by police.

The woman was threatened against any complaints regarding the alleged assault that took place in the state's capital following which she fled and managed to lodged a zero FIR in Nagpur, 800 km from Lucknow.

Since March this year, she was living in a rented flat with a friend on Faizabad Road in Lucknow, the senior police inspector said from Nagpur's Police station.

The friend introduced the victim to the accused, Pravin Rajpal Yadav, a Lucknow native who worked as a software engineer in Dubai, on a video call.

According to the victim, she had kept ₹1.5 lakh with her friend and when she asked for it, the latter did not return the money and started beating and harassing her.

The victim turned to Pravin Yadav who took undue advantage to eventually drug and take her to a hotel.

After taking obscene photographs and videos, he threatened to make them viral if she dared to file a complaint.

The woman somehow managed to escape from Lucknow and filed a complaint against Yadav and the woman's friend in Nagpur.

The police then lodged a zero FIR against the accused and the team along with case papers left for Lucknow for registration of the case. 

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