Women Gather In Huge Numbers For Farmer's Protest on International Women's Day

Source:- Reuters

A huge number of women participated in the farmer's protest on International Women’s Day. Hordes of female farmworkers joined the protest on Monday. The three locations on the outskirts of the national capital were immensely crowded. The women protested against the new agricultural laws. These laws open up agricultural markets to private buyers.

More than 20,000 women formed a massive gathering. They opposed the reforms wearing bright yellow scarves. It represented the mustard fields that helped sustain their livelihood. The women claimed the day to represent women's strength and power. They sought to highlight their valuable contribution to the entire agricultural industry. The female workers occupied the center stage giving speeches and slogans through loudspeakers.

One of the female farm activists, Kavitha Kuruganti said, “This is a day that will be managed and controlled by women, the speakers will be women, there will be a lot of feminist perspectives brought in, and discussions on what these laws mean for women farmers,”. The women stood united as a symbol of courage and strength.

The Indian government wishes to introduce reforms for the expansion of the agricultural market. These would bring private investment into the picture. The expected results include an improvised supply chain and elimination of wastes.

The protests have forced the government to postpone the implementation of the laws for the next 18 months. But the farmers have demanded complete revocation.

Agriculture is the most significant industry in India’s economy. Based on economic contribution and mass employment, agriculture is above all occupations. Women also earn their bread from this sector. So they too may suffer major losses due to such reforms. Hence, their involvement is fair to all means.

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