World Nature Conservation Day 2021, Activities to do the save the Nature.

World Nature conservation day is celebrated on July 28. This day aims to save the environment and encourage humans to do fewer activities that harm nature.

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This day creates awareness about the nature, natural resources like Flora and Fauna.

This nature is not the property of human beings. It was gifted to us by our older generation and the current generation has to give to the future generation.

If we don’t protect our natural resources, they may go extinct in the future. It’s the responsibility of every human being to save the environment.

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There are some activities which can be done by every human being to save the environment: -

a) Say ‘No’ to plastic

b) Stop the cutting down of trees.

c) Conserving water

d) Save electricity

e) Use the clean energy

f) Keep the surroundings clean and green.

g) Use the clean energy

h) use renewable energies and encourage others to do so.

Every Human being should these activities even the single step by the people to save the environment means a lot.

“Earth is not a platform for human life. It’s a living being. We are not on it but we are a part of it. Its health is our health.” ~ Thomas Moore.

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