Yamuna Cleaning Drive Gets a Push by Volunteers

The dark hue of the Yamuna river by its banks in Agra doesn’t give very promising impressions of purity & obtained a black tag for its ineligibility of bathing activities. Though crores have been spent on Yamuna cleaning campaigns, the results never produced anything satisfying to lower the pollution levels.

On Sunday morning in Agra, a group of volunteers assembled spontaneously to clean banks of Yamuna. They work under the River Connect Campaign which does not fall under any Govt. institution. The sorrowful spectacle of the river body littered with garbage appealed to these people’s conscience loudly. As it is evident from the statement of one of the volunteers named Rimjhim, "This is an attempt to send a message to the society regarding the importance of cleanliness of Yamuna. We will try to do it every Sunday."

With the rousing problem of groundwater depletion, keeping the water of our rivers clean becomes the need of the hour. The callous attitude of people who dumped the wastes of festive celebrations is criticized by one of them, “We have collected a lot of paraphernalia used in religious rituals. Several idols were also recovered and have been collected for proper recycling.”

They made a clear appeal to the people that all they are asking is the dedication & consciousness of our duty towards the environment. With a similar tone, another volunteer has raised his voice: “I humbly request everyone to stop polluting the rivers. We need to start acting now or else our future will be in danger.”

The members of the programme agreed to devout a few hours of their weekend to improve the hygiene of the banks regularly.