Yellow fungus: People are keen to know about the next color. The population is suffering.

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India: In this hard time of the covid-19 pandemic, there are a few more fungus-based infections at a high pace. These are not only ruining the lives of people but also creating huge turmoil among doctors and specialists.

They are black fungus, white fungus, and a newly arisen terrible yellow fungus.

There are 8000 cases reported till 24 May 2021. The first case emerged in Ghaziabad, Uttar Pradesh. The victim is still under the supervision of experts.

The question that naturally occurs is: what is yellow fungus?

It’s a fungal infection that is born because of unsanitary conditions and negligence of personal hygiene.

Symptoms of yellow fungus-

1. Lethargy


These are the most common signs of those affected by the virus.

1. Leakage of pus from wounds in an intense situation.

2. Malnutrition and organ failure.

3. Rebuilding of the injuries with the tortoise’s speed.

4. Sunken eyes because of eventual necrosis (cell destruction) factors show this infection.

Mask and social distance; protection measures for the yellow fungus are-

We must maintain humidity in the houses. It must be 30-40%.

Opinion: Moisture should not be more than the above level, otherwise the infection may spread its hazardous surface.

2. Personal hygiene

It is the indelible and intolerable factor.

We must be more sensitive towards our day-to-day routine. Take bath at least 2 times a day. Physical exercise and mediation will add plus points to your immune system.

Treatment of yellow fungus:

Amphotericin B injection as it is comprehensive spectrum antifungal nature.

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Crucial point :

The doctors also observed that yellow fungus is much more destructive as compared to black and white fungus to the extent that specialists are not being able to find out the exact cause, exact symptoms, exact treatment, etc.

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